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better together, impossible alone: trello recap at team ’23

by | published on may 11, 2023 | 5 min read
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it’s hard to believe that team ‘23 was only three weeks ago. if you felt like it was a distant fever dream, you're not a lone. here's a refresher on all things trello that happened at team'23.

team is atlassian’s annual flagship conference that returned in-person in 2022. over 4,000 registrants from around the world joined online or in-person in las vega for three-day sessions to learn about atlassian product roadmaps, ways to level-up technical skills, and new techniques that can help unleash their team’s full potential. 

image of trello booth staff at team 23'

i was very fortunate to be back at the trello booth this year where we answered hot questions from die-hard trello fans, took notes on product feedback, endlessly live demo’ed specific templates, sneak previewed potential new ai features, shared three-month trello premium codes, and made announcements related to the recent launch of atlassian together. ready for this year’s team ‘23 trello download?

what trello was up to at team ‘23

this year’s theme at team was impossible alone—while trello is a beloved tool used by over 2 millions of teams across the globe, it’s even more powerful when used together with the rest of the atlassian product suite (check them out here). 

in today’s climate, the way to work involves a hyper-focused approach to prioritize ideas and initiatives that drive the most business-critical results. on day 2 of team, head of product, erika trautman, and head of product marketing, sendhil jayachadran, took the stage to dive into the art and science of teamwork and how companies can build stronger team collaboration for long-term success. 

screenshot of keynote highlight recording from team 23'

the duo peeled back the layers of balancing left and right-brained organizational thinking, and how atlassian’s solutions can drive creativity, automation, and analytics to keep companies well positioned for the long run. 

in addition to the keynote, we had several open work management sessions to showcase how trello can be beneficial to many types of team workflows. 

  • the secret weapon: how to increase collaboration between product and support teams: product teams across many organizations often don't include their support teams in their development process until closer to a launch of a new feature or product, losing valuable insights such as which features are most in demand and what their customers actually want. alex waite (support engineer) examined how an organization improved their customer support engagement through the use of tools such as trello, jira service management, and confluence.
  • the complete guide to keeping a team on track in trello: when a team is working on different projects or from different locations, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. this session run by caity cogdell (senior product manager) showed how to run a team sync meeting that keeps your projects on track and your team connected. caity demo’ed how to set up your agenda in trello and some beyond-the-basics trello features that can help you get the most out of your team meetings.

  • ongoing onboarding with trello and confluence: from reorgs to ramping up cross-functional teams, effective onboarding is the ongoing knowledge-sharing of processes, rituals, charters, and of course, team bonding — beyond the employee’s first day. in this session, cindy weydt (product marketing lead) showed real-life examples and ready-to-use templates from trello and confluence for teams to set up collaborative and fun frameworks to onboard new hires, new projects, and everything in between.
  • let’s gsd (get sh*t done) with okrsnicole tang (senior program manager) showed how to create alignment on your company’s top priorities through okrs. using trello and one of atlassian’s newest products, atlas, nicole demonstrates how you can double down on inspirational, yet measurable, goals to drive clear focus areas and increased 世界杯欧洲预选赛直播平台 for your teams. dive into the endless capabilities and see what’s possible across atlassian’s suite of products — like how to use smart links to your best advantage.
  • trello enterprise meets atlassian admin: last year at team '22, victor dronov (group product manager) demonstrated how trello supports our largest customers across tens of thousands of users and exciting roadmap updates that make the trello admin experience even more seamless across the atlassian platform.

    this year, victor announced exciting changes to atlassian admin that have been in the works the last 5 years at trello. these new updates for trello enterprise unlock long-awaited admin features like user groups, scim idp user provisioning, and a unified way to manage permissions of all atlassian products at a large-scale organization.

    now available for atlassian together customers (and rolling out to more current trello enterprise customers throughout the year), admins will be able to reduce overhead and take advantage of these new capabilities all within atlassian admin hub.

    image of victor dronov presenting at team 23'
  • customer case study: unlock trello’s work management capabilities: in this session, two of our trello customers walk through how they used trello to streamline communication workflow with clients, increase transparency, and improve collaboration across their corporate communications team. you’ll gain a new understanding of the unique capabilities of trello as a work management tool.
  • work differently with atlassian together: many enterprise organizations face challenges with finding information, collaborating across teams, and getting access to all the different tools. heather kresbach (senior product marketing manager) and emilee spencer (senior product marketing manager) showcased atlassian together—a new work management solution that bundles trello, confluence, jira work management, atlas, and access—and the benefits of using all these tools together for better collaboration between knowledge workers and executives.
  • crush your multimillion-dollar campaign goals with trello, confluence, and jira: finally, for marketers launching multi-touch campaigns, there are endless goals, content, and metrics to manage. check out this on-demand by myself, erika storli (product marketing manager) and my partner-in-crime caroline himes (demand gen marketing manager) to see how your distributed teams can achieve their marketing campaign goals using trello, confluence, jira, and more.

find all this awesome? join us at team ‘24!

although team isn’t my first rodeo anymore, it’s still one of my most favorite experiences i’ve had thus far with my time at atlassian. each day my fellow teammates and i loved connecting with our trello customers in person to discuss transformative workflow tips. i encourage you to check out our recorded trello sessions above and all the available on-demand team ‘23 content here

good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. find us on twitter (@trello)!

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